Someone has to deal with it and who you gonna call?

Most of our blog posts on OpenDroneMap are meant for interested users. Every now and then we have a gem for our contributors / power users who like to dive into the code a bit and enhance things.

For any of you who have done this, or have wanted to do this in the past few years, you’ve had to deal with the Ecto framework, a dynamically configurable Directed Acyclic processing Graph (DAG) framework which is way overkill for the way OpenDroneMap is really used, and makes contributing to OpenDroneMap much harder.

Until now! Or. Until soon. Well, after pull request 979 gets into master (with a likely requisite update to version 0.6 for OpenDroneMap), ecto goes away. As usual, we can thank the prodigious Piero Toffanin for this work.

If you’ve been stymied by contributing to ODM in the recent few years, come back. ODM: Now with less ectoplasm!